Hiya Tom..... Had a day off day and am away in Kings Lynn with Bob. Have done nothing today except relax in the hotel. I'm lying here thinking back to before you passed away. We could never have imagined what was around the corner. You had so much to live for and I know you made the most of every day.,I try to do that but sometimes I just don't want to do much. I need time to be on my own and think and reflect about what has happened. Still doesn't seem possible that my first born has been so cruelly taken from me. the other boys are doing well. Sam is running the pub and making a great job of it. Nick has just got a promotion at work which we only heard about yesterday and Joe is working hard doing what he loves at a restaurant called the Woodford. I really hope it works out for him. I don't see much of Nick and Joe atm but they are getting on with their lives which is exactly what they should be doing. Oh Tom you should be here leading your life here with us. Bless you sweetheart. Sleep tight darling. Xxxx love you xxxx

Sent by Yvette on 04/06/2016